Forest Service supervisors in Utah are enforcing a moratorium on “managed wildfires” in 2020, this terrible year of the pandemic “wildfire” that so affects all aspects of our lives. The thinking is that Covid19 is putting enough pressure on hard working firefighters without worrying about extra firefighting duty. Forest Service Chief Victoria Christiansen told supervisors this year not to exacerbate an already difficult management picture by letting any fires burn to meet natural resource management objectives like reducing fuels or improving wildlife habitat.

The family of two hunters injured in the 2018 Roosevelt Fire near Bondurant, Wyoming are filing a personal injury claim against the Bridger-Teton National Forest. The men allege that Forest Service officials did not take appropriate action to fight the fire that started September 15, the opening day of deer season.

New research on the causes of our increasingly large and damaging wildfires across the West contains some important surprises. While it is glaringly apparent that summer temperatures and increased fuel loading are important contributors, other factors are equally important and much less obvious.

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