Malibu, CA – We spent 10 days focused on the damages from the 2018 NorCal and SoCal Fires, especially the Camp Fire at Paradise, CA and the Woolsey Fire at Malibu. The fires, started by faulty Pacific Gas & Electric equipment, were terrible. 

We took a detailed look at damages to palm trees and deciduous trees, many 20 years old or greater, and all requiring replacement from fire damage. Soils were altered by heat and the loss of fine woody material and native plant cover. We had fun preparing an exhaustive plant list and arborist assessment of each tree and found that landscape damages on 3.5 acres approached $1.3 million dollars. 

It’s often the high property values and the resulting pressure on the market caused by the large fires that drives rehab costs. There aren’t enough suitable replacement plants in area nurseries. We had to send to Florida for palm expertise. We sued some local nursery guys to really focus on individual plant and tree costs. It was quite an exercise. When we threw in weed abatement, erosion control, reestablishing native plant communities, and cleaning up dead and burned material, it got pretty complex real fast. We’ll be back.