Wildfire Damage Litigation Services

Wildfire Damage Litigation Services

We are expert consultants and expert witnesses helping you recover from wildfire impacts to your property, whether you are the defendant or the plaintiff. We have represented individual land owners in the 2012 Myrtle Fire in SD; in the 2013 Pautre Fire in SD; in the 2014 Butte fire in Calaveras and Amador counties, CA; in the 2017 NorCal and SoCal fires across CA; and in the 2018 Malibu and Camp fires. We represented power companies, railroads, universities, state foresters, and other companies in the 2012 Flat Fire in CA; the 2016 University of Nevada Reno escaped prescribed Little Valley fire; The 2016 Oil Creek fire in WY; and many more.

A Wildfire Doesn’t Just Destroy Your Home and Property. It Also Destroys Your Landscape, Trees, and Ecosystem.

Are You Properly Calculating Your Wildfire Damage Loss?

A wildfire impact analysis by PFMc team in Coffey Park, CA. 2018

We provide comprehensive assessments of wildfire damage to your landscape and trees.

We determine the real cost of your wildfire loss.

  • We calculate landscape tree losses and damage to forests and vegetation.
  • We determine what it will take to clean up and restore your land.
  • We specify what is needed to restore the living forest.
  • We determine what it will take to clean up and repair firefighting damage.
  • We put your land on the road to recovery.

Tree Replacement Costs



    Per Tree

    California Coastal Live Oak

    Average replacement cost Mature tree



    Per Tree

    Canary Island Palm

    Average replacement cost Mature tree


Are You Properly Calculating Your Wildfire Damage Loss?

A Proven Legal Track Record

PFMc team prepping for a deposition


  • Camp & Woolsey Fires
    2018 – CA
    Upton Fire
  • NorCal Fires
    2017 – CA
    $250M landscape damages
    NorCal Fire
  • SoCal Fires
    2017 – CA
    $300M landscape damages
    SoCal Fire
  • Little Valley Fire
    2016 – NV
    for the defense
    Little Valley Fire
  • Butte Fire
    2015 – CA
    $560M landscape damages
    Butte Fire
  • Oil Creek Fire
    2013 – WY
    $15M savings for client
    Oil Creek Fire
  • Pautre RX Fire
    2013 – SD
    $15M landscape damages
    Pautre RX Fire
  • Flat Fire
    2012 – CA
    $8M savings for client
    Flat Fire
  • Canberra Fire Storm 2003 – Australian Capital Territory
    for the defense
    Canberra Fire Storm


Don’t Sell Your Wildfire Claim Short

Working with dozens of law firms, we have helped more than 1,000 clients in 11 western US states claim more than $600 million in wildfire damages to landscape and trees.


  • Expert site analysis
  • Clear and concise technical reports
  • Strong and credible depositions
  • Compelling and convincing trial exhibits

Our team of wildfire experts, arborists, certified foresters, and landscape professionals provide the expertise, analysis and defensible reporting that withstand the most rigorous legal challenges.

  • “Frank and Van are dedicated professionals who know the woods, know fire, and know how to plan and implement forest restoration projects. Their work has resulted in fire proof landscapes across our area.”

    Jack Baker

    Baker Timber Co.

  • “In the wake of last year’s devastating megafires, doing a good job of assessing the damages to the landscape and the cost of rehabilitation is an essential step toward restoring private and public property. PFMc professionals are proven leaders in helping people, businesses, and agencies to recover beloved landscapes and forests.”

    Tom Troxel

    Intermountain Forest Association

  • “We really appreciated PFMc’s hard work and professional results for our clients. Their knowledge and willingness to work with us significantly improved client settlements and advanced fire recovery across the Butte Fire area.”

    Shawn Miller



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  • University of Nevada Reno
  • American Family Insurance
  • Los Angeles Times
  • National Geographic
  • Hundreds of small and large landowners