Del Loma, CA – We took the gang to Weaverville, California at Big Bar near Del Loma to assess damages from the 2012 Flat Fire on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. We had foresters, fire suppression expertise, wildlife and fisheries biologists, botanists, geographic information systems (GIS) experts, photographers, and systems analysts.

We found yellow-legged frogs! Yep. The frogs are a sure sign the ecosystem is healthy and functioning. We counted the highest deer numbers in one 1,600-acre piece of land ever, in our entire combined experience. The Flat Fire footprint is a forage growing machine. Our great shooters, Kari Greer and Mark Thiessen, wore out drone batteries and camera batteries documenting what a good job that fire did in restoring ecosystem health in a place that burns too frequently and way too hot, most of the time.